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Take a piece of my heart by Diane Rose Duffy

Take a piece of my heart 

by Diane Rose Duffy

Book Description

Thirteen years...That’s how long Kara Salinger stays

married to Danny Morino, which is a very long time, 

considering his abusive behavior toward her. But 

eventually, Kara musters up the courage and strength 

to leave Danny. And with that first step, she begins 

a great journey in search of her own “happily ever 


Kara is thirty-two when she starts anew. She’s been 

with just one man, and has only one friend. Yet she 

forges ahead, trying out Internet dating—to comical 

effect—and learning about dating, sex, and friendship 

along the way to discovering that there are many 

types of families in this world.

Join Kara on her journey, and be prepared for many 

twists, turns, and surprises. Take a Piece of My Heart

will make you laugh, cry, and experience just about 

every other human emotion. It might even make you 

blush a little, as Kara’s candor is sometimes brazen. 

You never know what words may spew out of her 

mouth as she experiences life’s ups and downs—but 

rest assured, they’re always honest, heartfelt, and 


 Brenda's Review

I received this book from the author in return for an honest review.
This is a "New To me Author" and "New Author" in general really. Let me start off by simply saying....

This "New Author" has a bright future in the book world!

I was so impressed with this story,I could not put it down! What a great story! This story has everything you want in a good book.You have a great story line,drama,(what's a story without drama?)Great characters,fun and tons of good ole down to earth humor! I'm tellin'ya,Sadie and Krista are a hoot!! I just loved those two! And put those two in the same room together and you are in for a treat!

The characters are all so down to earth and just as much fun as your true life friends.You really connect with these characters.You feel what they feel and it's like they are people you know in real life.I really connected with Kara and DJ from the start.Once I started reading this I was hooked.From the very first page!

Kara is young teen girl at the beginning of the story.Falls hard the town bad boy and ends up marring him at young age against her parents wishes.Young,newly married,and disowned by her family Kara's start at life as an adult is quite rocky.A few months into her marriage with Danny becomes less than perfect.Danny becomes "That Guy".... You know the complete asshat! He beats on Kara and just makes her life a living hell.After 13 years of his crap it finally breaks her down enough to leave him.

From that point on the story really gets to rolling,I don't want to blab the story,I want you to read it!! I want you experience it.It is well worth your time to get into Kara's life and see how it all ends.
I highly recommend this book you all!! You will love it.It's one of those stories that many people can relate with.

Kudos to Diane Rose Duffy!! You off to a great start in the literary world!!

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5

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Diane Rose Duffy, Author and Blogger said...


Thank you so much for the wonderful review. I am so appreciative. You are the best!

Kindest Regards,
Diane Rose Duffy