Thursday, October 16, 2014

Walking Among the Shadows: Awakening by Navi' Robins

Walking Among the Shadows;Awakening 

                        by Navi' Robins

Book Description

For high school sophomore Aiden Storm, Jasmine is everything a teenager could ever want in a girlfriend. But all he can think about is killing her. 

When Jasmine arrives at Deerfield High Aiden’s simple life is changed forever. Her presence awakens a darkness inside of him that slowly spirals the soft spoken teenager’s mental stability down an abyss of madness. Constantly tormented by a growing hunger for violence, Aiden confides in his best friend Tony his uncontrollable urges. Choosing friendship over his conscience Tony promises to keep Aiden’s dark desires a secret while they try and unravel the mystery of Jasmine and the affect she’s having on Aiden. 

On the night of Aiden’s seventeenth birthday their friendship is tested when the town of Deerfield is rocked by a home invasion and murder that directly implicates Aiden. Without an alibi or recollection of his whereabouts on that night, Tony begins to suspect Aiden is on the fast track to becoming Deerfield’s first serial killer. 

But Aiden fears something more sinister is at work in Deerfield and its source is Jasmine. Aiden believes underneath her beauty Jasmine harbors an evil that has already infected him and will soon spread to everyone he loves if it isn't destroyed. Aiden must find a way to keep Tony quiet, remain one step ahead of the FBI, and maintain his sanity long enough to find out who and what Jasmine really is....

Brenda's Review

Okay,this is a newly revised story of "Walking Among the Shadows: Awakening" By Navi' Robins. When ever I get an author saying they have changed or renewed,revamped a story that was already amazing...I kind of panic.Thinking OMG NO!! I hope they didn't change it so much that they ruined their own story!

Well,that's not the case here! I should have known better than to doubt this master of words!! Navi' Robins has done it again!! He has taken Aiden and Jasmine's story to a whole new level of WOW!!This story was so amazing before that I am shocked at how well it changed into a whole new story!

Still the page turner? YES
Still emotional? Yes
Still amazing? Yes
Would I recommend it? Hell Yes!!

I love this story and it covers from action to love and all the in between!!
Amazing job and kudos to you Navi' for taking on the risk of a master piece!!

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5

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