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Follow You Down by K.B.Webb

Follow You Down by K.B.Webb

Book Description

*Follow You Down is the second book in the Reflect Me series, but can be read as a standalone.*

Dani Hartley is running from heartbreak and shame. She needs a new beginning, a fresh start with no commitments or attachments. What she definitely doesn't need is a gorgeous cocky sex god trying to fly in and play Superman.

Lucas Wade knows a thing or two about running. He has secrets in his past so dark they've turned part of his heart black. He only truly cares about two people in the world, his mother and little brother Logan. With the past that he has, the last thing he wants or needs is a mouthy red head busting into his life trying to get to know him and his secrets.

What started as one night of passion quickly turns into a mess of feelings and desires that neither Dani nor Lucas can deny. But, what happens when two lost souls try to save each other all while working to keep their own secrets hidden.

How far down would you follow someone to save them from them self? And how do you save them if they don't want to be rescued?

Brenda's Review

Great story of love,pasts,futures and screw ups. Dani is moving on with her life.Moving to a new town,a new start and no more falling in love.The hurt and pain is just not worth it.There is no man out there that is worth the trouble. Until Lucas Wade steps in her path that is.Lucas is a sex God,he is everything she could ever want in man.But a relationship is out of the question.Neither of them do relationships.

I loved the characters in this story.If you have the first book in this series, you will relate to many of the characters in this one.And you will love the new characters in this one.I loved how the story line flows so smoothly and there are no flip flopping around of characters.That just gets confusing to me.

I highly recommend this book and the whole series as far as that goes.

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5

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