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Going to California by Janice Grove

Going to California by Janice Grove

Book Description

Going to California is the second book in a series, immediately picking up where The Rain Song ended: where the Remington family finds themselves separated, each with their own challenges before them. Will they be able to reunite before the evil stalking them succeeds? David and Micah continue their journey to find the mysterious Karen while attempting to stay hidden from the very danger that ruthlessly hunts the youngest brother. They are unaware of a new danger that looms closer, as they search for safe haven in hopes of one day returning home to the rest of their family. Tirelessly, they must outrun hitmen, demons, and overzealous hunters of the supernatural, all while their mom lays helpless and hurt in the hospital, and their dad tries to move heaven and earth to find them. Looking for his sons, Nick must rely on his new friends for not only help, but new knowledge into David's past and Micah's present: knowledge that could alter his perception about everything... forever. Finally believing that their family is about to be united once again, Nick and Angela are horrified that betrayal from their own circle threatens everything they hold dear. Can their love for one defeat the danger to them all?

Brenda's Review

First off...If you didn't read the first book "The Rain Song" you are going to be totally lost. So I recommend you read it first because this book starts right where the rain song left off.Which is awesome! I just hate when I start a second book and the first three chapters is mostly a review of everything from the last book.I eye a headache from rolling my eyes and saying Yea,yea... on with the story!

This story is an on going thrill.It's full of excitement and adventure.There are men and demons chasing after David and Mickey.It's non stop running for their very lives.I love the connection between David and Mickey.
Mickey ends up in the hospital and it doesn't take long for the hunters to find him.That's when the excitement really hits.Because there on it's nothing but total chaos as they run for their lives.

I love this story and can't wait for the next installment of adventures that the boy are going go through.This story flows so well that before you know it.... it's over.You are left with the feeling of "What?? It's the end already?" Then you can't wait to see the next book come out because you are hooked!

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5


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