Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Heartbreak Warfare by K.B. Webb Review

Heartbreak Warfare by W.B.Webb

 Book Description

*Heartbreak Warfare is the third book in the Reflect Me series but can be read as a standalone.*

Ryan Davis is sex on legs with a history full of loss. After everything he has been through, a relationship is the last thing on his mind--until he spends one night with Jasmine Slade. 

Jasmine Slade is hell in heels and the definition of damaged. After losing her parents at a young age she prefers to have fun with no strings attached--until one drunken night with Ryan Davis. 

Can two lost souls make a relationship work despite all the odds stacked against them? With meddling best friends and an over protective brother, can Ryan and Jasmine find a way to make things work? 

If love is a battlefield, Ryan and Jasmine are about to find themselves in the middle of heartbreak warfare.

 Brenda's Review

Who doesn't like a good romance? A romance with drama is even better!! And this one is not a let down! I can't even begin to tell you how much I liked this one. I think the series gets better as yo u go!! Jasmine...Aka Abu ( how friggin cute is that) is an out spoken girl. This girl is a spit fire! I loved her character!

Jasmine has not had the perfect life. Her parents died when she was only 13 and she was raised by her over protective brother Jason.At the young age of 21 Jason had to raise his younger sister.Not an easy feat in any manner.But he gave it his all. And protecting her from the likes of Ryan is his main purpose in live.Ryan is not good enough for his little sister and he will go till the ends of earth to prove it.

Nobody was good enough for his sister,hell she was still to young to even y=think about love.At least in Jason eyes.Then she meets Ryan..All things start to turn in every direction for Jazzy then.She's in love for the first time ever...real love, things just got real!How far will Jasmine and Ryan go for the price of true love?

This one is full of action and tons of love!! Don't miss out on this awesome read!!

Brenda's Review Points of 5

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