Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lesson Plan for Love by Jackie Marilla

Lesson Plan for Love

The Pancake Club Story 2 by;

Jackie Marilla

Book Description

Story 2 in the best-selling series, The Pancake Club. Small town sweet romance where love might be just around the corner. 

As soon as Chad Granger thinks he’s exhausted every prospect of finding a woman in Mercy Ridge, the new third-grade teacher shows up in town and rents a cabin on his parent’s farm. He’s immediately attracted to the hippie-like woman who appears to be the exact opposite of his former girlfriend. 

Kristin Warner is conflicted about her attraction to Chad, but convinces herself there’s nothing wrong with nurturing a friendship between them. Not quite ready to share her secret, she refuses to go out with him with a brief explanation that she isn’t ready for a boyfriend. 
When Chad discovers why Kristin won’t date him, he faces the toughest decision of his life—to close his mind to her or open his heart. 

Brenda's Review

What an adorable little romance story.It's fun,witty and simply lovable.The characters are real down to earth and easy to fall in love with.Plotted out nicely for a smooth sailing read.I quite enjoyed this fresh little love story.

Chad Granger is at the end of his ropes on finding true love.He wants a love that true and no lies.He's been burned one to many times by women.His latest was one who was married but somehow forgot to tell him that she was married.Living in a small town his options were small.Until that fine little hippie teacher moves to town.

Kristin Warner moves to a quiet little town to teach and just get away from the hustles of her life.Moving into a small little cabin on the Granger's land to get her life sorted out,Kristin meets the Chad. She never expected to fall in love let alone so quickly.Now she needs to move and move fast at setting things straight with her sister so she can move on with her life and hopefully have a future with Chad.

Only one thing stands in her way.... her marriage.Yep, you heard me right.But there is an odd reason to her marriage.....I'm saying any more.You need to read this cute but charming love story for yourself to really grasp the charm that it is.

I love a little feel good story.

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5

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Jackie Marilla said...

Thanks for reading and reviewing my book, Brenda. I'm glad you enjoyed it.