Friday, November 7, 2014

Mistletoe in the City by Amber Daulton review

Mistletoe in the City 

by Amber Daulton

Book Description

To Be Released Soon... 

Krista Hartley never expected the unrequited love of her life, the irresistible Derek Weston, to work as the groundskeeper at the apartment building she just moved into. They barely spoke in high school but now, three years after graduation, they tore at each other’s clothes and jumped into bed together at every opportunity. After all, how could a hot-blooded woman say no to a sexy man with an eyebrow ring, a dragon tattoo and a deadly swagger?

A Christmas miracle drew Krista back into Derek’s life. He kissed her for the first time under mistletoe, pampered her with romantic candlelight dinners and memorized every inch of her delectable body with his tongue. He refused to let his dream girl slip through his fingers again but then another woman threatened their whirlwind romance. Hurt once before, Krista broke off their relationship and then Derek made a drunken mistake that could destroy their love forever. With just days to Christmas, he vowed to win back her heart and trust, and prove his innocence once and for all.

Brenda's Review

This a great short read.It's sweet and to the point! Things move quickly and smoothly.Well plotted out with great characters.This is a feel good read.It makes you believe in Christmas and love and anything can happen.

Krista finds herself a new place to live.Wanting to get out on her own away from her parents.After a break up with her ex boyfriend sent her back to her childhood home.Things will different now.The new apartment comes with the unexpected hottie Derek Weston as the grounds keeper.

Derek was her secret love in high school.She's always loved him,but they hardly ever talked in school and she just knew he wasn't into her type.He liked the bad girls,Krista was the good girl with good grades.Derek could never want anything to do with her.

But they're all grown up now and Derek is out prove one thing.... He wants Krista. Always has,Even since clear back in school.

I loved this story.It's quick and puts a smile on your face.

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5

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