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The Rain Song by Janice Grove

The Rain Song by Janice Grove         

Book Description

Small towns are known for summer picnics, neighborhood softball games, and cozy shops on Main Street not being home to things of the paranormal. So when the Remingtons take in another child in need of safe haven they are completely unprepared for the people and creatures that come to claim him. 

Nick and Angela Remington were living their American dream while helping disadvantaged kids. The last thing they were expecting was a small boy with big eyes to steal their hearts so completely while at the same time shaking the very foundation of their lives. 

When David Remington lost his brother Derrick last year, it left a hole in his heart that didn't seem to want to heal until Micah is brought to them in the middle of the night. Now he has a new purpose; to be the best big brother he can be while protecting the small boy by his side, at the same time discovering just how intertwined their past and future really are.

Brenda's Review

This was an amazing read.
Drama?...Yes....Love?...More than you know.Strange happenings?...In every sense of the word. Entities?....More than one.This story is full of love for a child that has had one horrible life.And doing everything possible to save him.And then some.

The connection between David and Mickey is uncanny and enduring.I love how David goes beyond the call of duty to help protect the newest member to his family.Little Micah is brought to the Remington family to live.Micah has a past that dark and haunting.As the family soon finds out.

Micah is scared that his new family will want him gone if they find out about him.Just like all the other families he was taken to.Micah soon learns that his new family will go to the ends of the earth to help save him from the bad men.

I was totally engulfed with this story.There are great characters that come to life on the pages.And a lot action.This story will bring out the "Hope" in your very soul.

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5

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