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Those Lies We Tell by Lucy James

Those Lies We Tell

by Lucy James

Coming soon! Release date Nov.24th 2014

Book Description

Dr. Holly Edwards loves her life. She has a job she loves and a loving family that means the world to her.
However, when it comes to matters of the heart, Holly never lets anyone get too close to her. Not even the gorgeous Jake Lewis, who just can’t seem to get passed her wall.
When she has to return home because of a family emergency, she has no choice but to face her past. That includes coming face to face with Alex Collins, the only man she has ever really loved and the reason she keeps her heart so protected.
Will she let Alex back into her life and her heart? 
Or will Jake be the one who helps her find who she really is, and be the rock she needs, when a family secret pulls her life apart.

 Brenda's Review

I fell in love with story.The story line and plot and the characters are just awesome.The flow of the story is smooth and you feel like your right there with the characters. This story will move you,your going to feel anger,hurt,happiness...and yes your going to cry.That's what makes a good story,feelings. If an author can move you to tears then they are doing job and doing it well.

Dr Holly Edwards has everything going for her,she has job she loves.New friends in new place in the U.S.She left home to try to pick up the pieces of her life.Her past has a lot secrets,a lot of hurt and she needed to just get away from it all and start over.But now she is faced with her father being ill.She needs to get home to him.Putting her pride to the side she boards a plane to get back home to her dad.

At the hospital with her father Holly is faced with her past...Alex. Alex was the reason why she left and he wants to be the reason why she stays.Only there is the issue of his up and coming wedding.But that's not the only problem she is faced with.She finds out that her mother and father were divorced years ago.All this time she believed her mother just up and left them.She needs to find out the truth so she decides to visit her mother and finds out her past was all a lie. Her whole life was a lie.

Her friend Jake comes to help be there for her.She is finding that Jake means more than to her than she first thought.But she's not over Alex,so she thinks..... Until Jake leaves.There is so much going on in this part of the story that I can't go any further. I don't want to tell you all of the story.It's something be experienced.

This story is just awesome! I thought I loved Alex too... till toward the ending..... You'll see what I mean.

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5


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