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Alaskan Alpha by Melissa F.Hart

Alaskan Alpha by Melissa F.Hart

3- Book Bundle

Book Description

Alaskan Alpha: 3-Book Bundle (Books 1-3): A Werewolf Alpha Male

Selena - Volume 1
Selena Ortiz is a twenty-seven-year-old woman making her way to the top of a man’s business in a man’s world. She lives in a posh Manhattan apartment and works in a towering Manhattan building. She has a boyfriend she loves assumes she will end up marrying. Things in Selena’s world are good until suddenly…they aren’t.

Her boss tells her that she’s being transferred to Alaska. She has to leave in a matter of days, and she’ll be expected to live there. The only thing that Selena knows about Alaska is that it’s cold and it’s desolate. She doesn’t want to go, but unless she wants to lose her job, she has no choice.

Selena says good-bye to her boyfriend and her family and she gets on a plane, having no idea what she is getting into. She’s picked up at the airport and taken to a strange little town that is inhabited by people unlike any she has ever met before. Most especially Conner. He’s the man whose business is being destroyed by her company, and he’s not happy that she’s there.

Handsome, brash, rude…Conner is everything Selena dislikes in a man…Or so she thought.

Conner - Volume 2
Conner is an important man in the little town of Lazy River, Alaska. People seek him out for advice and they offer him respect and, in the cases of the females in town, adoration in return.

Conner is angry that Selena Ortiz has been sent here to take over his company, the company that his father founded and left to him. Conner uses the money he makes from the company to keep the town running and nothing is more important to him than the people around him.

He wants to dislike Selena for what her company is doing to him and his town, but there’s something about her that makes him want to tell her all his secrets. The question is…when he does will she believe him?

Mates - Volume 3
In book three of this series, Conner and Selena grow closer and Conner finally tells her the town’s deep, dark secret. Selena doesn’t believe what he’s telling her is true. It’s not logical and logic is what she has based her entire life on.

When Selena rejects what he’s telling her and sends him away, her billionaire boss with secrets of his own shows up. He becomes aggressive with her and tries to force himself on her. Luckily for Selena, she’s made some good friends in Lazy River, and they won’t leave her to deal with him alone.

All of the town’s secrets are brought to light as Selena is forced to look inside of herself and see if she has what it takes to not only change her life, but her whole way of thinking.

Brenda's Review

Where does this woman get her idea's from? I mean seriously,Melissa Hart comes up with the greatest stories!She just totally amazes me. Her characters just come to life right before your eyes.She has a way to make you fall in love with her characters and stories.

You get so involved that you don't even realize the time that has passed or the fact that you are at the end of the book!!Blows me away.

This series is about a hot alpha male shifter who finds his life mate at first glance.Only one problem,she's human and has no clue who or what he is.She thinks of him a rude cocky Alaskan brute.

Selena moves to Alaska to save her job.She had no choice.It was move there or lose her job.Not giving up much but a lame life and lame boyfriend,Selena packs her bags and moves north.

Not going to give any more away.... But I will tell you this... This series rocks!! Totally loved it!

Brenda's Review Points 5of 5

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