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Tales of the Golden Jungle by Melissa F.Hart

Tales of the Golden Jungle

3- Book Bundle by Melissa F.Hart

Book Description

Tales of the Golden Judge: 3-Book Bundle (Books 1-3) : A Paranormal Shifter Romance

In Darker Shadows- Book 1
Violet LeFay is a tough private detective with a troubled past, and she has almost given up on solving her parents’ murder when she receives some stunning news. Hot on the trail of a deadly murderer, she crosses paths with the cool-as-ice Carson Keynes. Carson is more than he seems, and Violet must battle both fear and desire as she finds out more about him and her own past.

A Place in the Dark - Book 2
Violet's suspicions grow darker as she learns more about Carson, but Carson decides to come clean with some incredible news. He is a member of the Golden Order, the lawkeepers of the city's shapechangers, and he is hunting the same murderer who destroyed Violet's young life. She goes to learn more among the shapechangers of the city, but she may find more than she bargained for in the dark forests.

To See the Dawn - Book 3
The murderer is revealed, and Violet must battle first her own demons and then the evil given human form that has haunted her life. Separated from the werewolf judge Carson Keynes, she finds her own strength and comes to learn even more about the werewolf who has captured her heart.

 Brenda's Review

Let me start off with... I Love Melissa's writing! She knows how to drawl you into her stories,she will go out of her way to trap your A$## there too.Really it's not beneath her to it.Her stories are hot,captivating,adventurous and all with swoon worthy men!

I don't want to tell to much of this story simply because I'm the first to review it. Don't want to give to much away. But let me tell ya.... Carter is one swoon worthy shifter.I love the characters that in Melissa's stories.They are always hot,sexy,exciting and easy to relate with.Violet is out to find the killer who murdered her parents.She wants revenge...What she finds is one hot man who she can't get out her head.Carter is just enamored as she is.

Which leads to one awesome story told in such a way that,you will not put it down until you done! And then you'll want more!Loved it!

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5


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