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Willow Run by Melissa F. Hart

Willow Run by Melissa F.Hart

Boxed Set of 6 books

Book Description

A Paranormal Shifter Romance

Welcome to the Kingdom - Book 1
When Dr. Willow Ryersen moves to the area of Vermont known as the Northeast Kingdom, all she wants is to be a good veterinarian and settle into the small Yankee village. Her boss is great, she has a cute place to live, and then, another single young woman, Katie Laclerk, befriends her. Everything seems to be unfolding according to plan. When she meets not one, but two engaging and sexy men, life starts to get really interesting! Soon she finds herself attracted to both Mace Leland, an elegant and reclusive novelist, and Guy Beaugrand, a ruggedly handsome hunting and fishing guide. Then something truly unexpected happens to change Willow’s life—forever.

About Face - Book 2
The first thing Dr. Willow Ryersen sees when she wakes up in a hospital bed is handsome doctor, Christovao Amara—but that’s not all that she’s seeing…or feeling. Suddenly, raw hamburger seems like a perfect snack! As life in “the Kingdom” transforms from interesting to inexplicable, Willow starts to doubt her own sanity, even as Guy Beaugrand makes his romantic interest in her known. But when Chris reveals to Willow the truth of the vicious attack that nearly killed her, Willow understands that life as she knows it will never be the same again.

Catch as Catch Can - Book 3
Romance is confusing when you’re a shapeshifter in training and you don’t know who is responsible for your involuntary change. With only two weeks to prepare for her first shift, Willow needs a mentor—stat! Between her suspicions, her new instincts, and shapeshifter politics, though, life in the Kingdom is more than a little messy. Caught between the head of the shapeshifter council, her only friend, and the two sexy men pursuing her, Willow doesn’t know whom she can trust, or if she will even live long enough to find true love. As she prepares for all hell to break loose, there’s a new—and frightening twist.

Life Lessons - Book 4
Dr. Willow Ryersen, veterinarian and feline shapeshifter in training, is discovering she has a lot to learn before the next full moon. Between cramming to avoid potentially fatal mistakes and learning the subtleties of cross-species etiquette, who has time to sort out their love life? With two cats on her tail, a buck in the picture, and some pervert peeping in her windows, the only thing that makes sense is to shut romance out of her mind until she makes it through her first shift—alive. But Willow’s suitors have very different ideas.

Party Animals - Book 5
What better opportunity than a moose prince’s wedding for a cat in the making to be introduced to shifter society? At the urging of her friends Katie and Gretchen, Willow decides she needs to relax a little and see the upside of becoming a shifter. With handsome out of town guests in town for the wedding, the carnivore girls are on the prowl for a little fun! It doesn’t take long, however, before competing suitors, shifter politics, and old wounds bring the party to a screeching halt.

Time to Change - Book 6
The closer it gets to the full moon and Willow’s first shift, the more suspicious Willow becomes of anyone who isn’t on ‘Team Willow.’ So when her best friend Katie wants to expand her circle of shifter mentors to include someone new, Willow balks even though Nicholas is a very handsome addition…and a real ‘prince’ of a guy. A series of events leading to a startling revelation change her perspective, though, on whom she can trust, and whom she might love.

Brenda's Review

If you like shifter books,this one is for you! I don't recall ever having come across a book with so many types of shifters in one book.It pretty awesome!

I love this series.Willow moving to a new town and taking on new job is in for something she didn't expect.Being attacked and bitten by an unknown creature,Willow wakes up in the hospital. She is having some weird cravings and seeing things.

Willow heals at an alarming speed and sees people as animals.Her doctor steps in to tell her about what really happened to her and what to expect in her life from now on.

This series is so compelling that you be flying through it.I could not put it down.Loved it!!

Brenda's Review Points 5of 5

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