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Wolf Tainted Union by Melissa F. Hart

Wolf Tainted Union by Melissa F. Hart

The Complete Collection 6- Book Bundle

Book Description

The complete Wolf Tainted Union Series in one box set, a paranormal werewolf shifter romance. 


Bewitched - Book 1 
Allegra is a young witch living in the Vale of Glendora with her coven. One day she meets a handsome, alluring young man named Caspian. Their flirtation quickly leads to something more but, like all young witches, Allegra is forbidden from dating. Her mate must be chosen for her by the witch elders. 
If Allegra chooses to follow her heart and be with the man she loves, she risks inciting the fury of her community and being cast out forever. 

By the Light of the Moon - Book 2 
Allegra learns that her new love, Caspian, is more than just a man—he is a werewolf. Witches of her coven and werewolves are sworn enemies. Now, if she decides to be with the man she loves, she risks not just defying her community but casting herself out from the witches indefinitely. 
Wolves and witches are not supposed to mix. It is written in the stars that a union of their kinds would be tainted by danger and despair. Does Allegra believe the prophecy or does she follow her own heart? 

The Witching Hour - Book 3 
When Allegra tells the witches of her coven that not only is she refusing to partake in the choosing but that she is also in love with a werewolf, they are beyond furious. They enact their worst possible punishment upon her; death by execution. 
Caspian learns of the witches’ foul intentions for his beloved and sets off to save Allegra, whatever the cost. As the choosing ceremony commences, witches and wolves will be pitted against one another and war will break out within the Vale of Glendora. 

A Brewing Storm - Book 4 
Following the attack on their coven, the witches prepare for war whilst Iris struggles to forgive Caspian for killing her mother. As tempers fray and the sound of war drums fill the air, can Allegra and Caspian’s young love continue to survive when their union is the cause of so much despair and destruction? 

Forgotten Faces Ignite New Places - Book 5 
A witch with a familiar face arrives within the wolf village to lend her support to their cause. Uma’s return signals a turning of the tide as other exiled witches venture out of hiding to fight with the wolves and teach Allegra and Iris powerful dark magic. 
Yet as the wolves grow stronger, so do the witches of the coven as the elders prepare to fight, whatever the cost. 

The Battle for Blood - Book 6 
The time for talking is over. The Vale of Glendora is gripped by the impending war between the witches and the werewolves. As people choose sides, battle lines are drawn and the rivers threaten to run red with the blood of the fallen. 
As Caspian eagerly takes his place at his pack’s side, Allegra is forced to hang back. She feels unwell, like something is wrong. On the precipice of war, will Caspian still lose what he has been fighting for all along, his beloved Allegra? 

Brenda's Review

I've never been one like a witch story,but I think I just changed my mind.And Only Melissa Hart could do that.
This story was so adventurous and action packed that I was captivated by it.

I really liked the characters in this awesome story.Allegra ~ like her name,is whimsical and a bit badass.I loved her character.Coming from a coven in the Vale of Glendora Allegra is not looking forward to the coven choosing her life mate for her.She wants to choose for herself.Only problem is...

The man that Allegra is in love with just happens to be a werewolf. Witches and werewovles don't belong together.Or so she is told.

Allegra meets Caspian in the woods.It love at first site for the two of them.And Caspian is wants Allegra to leave her coven to go live with him.This could cause an all out war.

I couldn't put this story down.It was so captivating and it controlled me right until the end.I highly recommend this story to everyone!

Brenda's Review Points 5of 5

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