Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tragedy,Lust & Destiny by Navi' Robins

Tragedy,Lust & Destiny

 by Navi' Robins

 Coming March 24th

Book Description

A great career, financial stability, and the looks to attract any woman he chooses, Dr. Daniel Bennett was a man that had it all. But he is also a man with a secret that haunts him while he’s awake and threatens to kill him while he sleeps. Four years ago an encounter with Africa’s most notorious and ruthless warlord ended in a massacre and a brutal murder he hasn't been able to forget or forgive. The once outgoing and celebrated doctor has now become a cold and heartless recluse, intent on living a life free of emotional commitments. 

Until the United Nation’s top crisis counselor; the incredibly beautiful and determined Ayana Burundi walks into his life forcing him to face his emotions and the darkest moments of his past. But for Ayana there is only one thing driving her; bringing the warlord Kronte “The Terror” Kroma before the international courts to answer for his crimes against her people and the doctor is the key. What begins as a simple request quickly turns into a struggle of wills and emotions as Daniel and Ayana’s lives fall into a collision course between love and a warlord willing to do anything to silence anyone that threatens his freedom.

Brenda's Review

I kid you not.... I got to the last few pages of this book and yelled out WHAT? OMG,WOW!! Just Wow! I loved that twist in the plot there Navi' ... Can I say Bravo!! This is one exciting story!

I loved the characters in this story.Navi' has a way of his characters so real to life that you forget that they are just characters. If you happen to hate a character of his,that hate is going to run deep and you won't soon forget that darn character.

I really don't want to go into the story to much because it is a new story on the market. But let me tell you this... It's one you won't soon forget!! You are going to love the story,the characters, the plot of the story... Ok well, Just everything about the story!!

Don't be afraid to take a chance on a new author or a new to you author.You may just pull up a gem!! I am in love with the way the this author writes. He has compassion, and it shows in his work. He does his research,he works hard to bring us the stories we love.

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5

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