Thursday, April 9, 2015

Taken By Love by Sharon Kleve

Taken By Love by Sharon Kleve

Book Description

Book one of the exciting Taken Series will slip you into the world of drug cartels, DEA operations, and the never-waiving love between Arden and Lucy. 

Arden Jones is a DEA agent and has seen and done it all. His transfer to a desk job is finally in reach. But, when his good friend is brutally murdered he must go after the cartel one more time while protecting the ones he loves. 

Lucy Farris arranges flowers for a living, lives in a quaint house in the outskirts of Seattle, and has two adorable Siamese cats. The last thing she expects is to be kidnapped and used as bait to by the cartel to hunt the man she loves.

Brenda's Review

Wow, For being a short story this packs a punch.I loved the characters,they're no one to mess with when the stakes are high.The over all story line is fast paced and packed with action.

Arden Jones is a DEA agent who is looking forward to his future behind the desk.Only thing is... He must first get the guy who murdered his friend.What he find out in the process is that the murderer is out after him as well.

Then the unthinkable happens,Lucy...Arden's girlfriend is kidnapped by the murderer and his men.He must find her and save her.But not having a clue as to where they took her.

Lucy is a force of her own.She is a strong woman and has some of her own tricks and is able to escape from her captors.Now she is on the run.....But can Arden get to her in time??

This story is fast paced,fun and full of adventure.I really enjoyed it.

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5

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Hi Brenda,

Thank you for the wonderful review.

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