Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Complicated Love by D.M.Midgley

A Complicated Love

 by; D.M.Midgley

Book Description

My name is Annabelle and my life was running smoothly until I recently lost my job. My only form of income. It may have been a rubbish position, but I needed it. Now I’m feeling down on my luck, not only in my career but also in my relationships. Things just can’t seem to go my way. That is, until I meet the intoxicating Mr. Lynn.

He’s sexy, kind, caring and makes me feel alive from one single touch. The only problem… he’s the owner of Lynn Publishing and my new boss!

Love is never easy and never goes to plan. People get in the way, and a form of heartbreak could inevitably end up making everything I know into a complicated love.

Brenda's Review

Annabelle has been having a hard time of making her life work for her. Living with a friend and trying to find a better paying job,she sets off to Lynn Publishing.

In her interview she realizes that her new boss to be is hot and they seem to have sparks between the two of them.After going out with her roomy to celebrate her new job,Annabelle runs into her new boss Josh at the club.Sparks are flying and before she knows it,they are hot and heavy back at her place for a one night stand.

That one night stand grows into more than either of them ever thought possible.Only one problem stands in their way,his ex girlfriend.And she is out for blood.

I loved this fast paced story.The characters are all awesome and are easy to relate with.The story line flows so smoothly,you are done before you even realize it.Great Read!!

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5

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