Wednesday, May 13, 2015

An Unconventional Courtship by Becky Lower

An Unconventional Courtship

By Becky Lower Coming Soon!!

** Release Date ~ June 8th,2015

Book Description

Find out how the Fitzpatrick family began in this exciting prequel novella to the Cotillion Ball saga.

Charlotte Ashcroft knows her family would never approve of her attending a women’s rights speech in New York City alone. So when a busybody from back home confronts Charlotte, she grabs the man in a jaunty blue hat nearby and introduces him as her escort.

George Fitzpatrick had boarded the new omnibus intent on nothing more than a ride from one point to another. Until that gorgeous young blonde suddenly claimed he was her chaperone. What’s an up-and-coming young banker to do but help a lady out?

Charlotte knows exactly what she wants, but can she convince a man who is her opposite that he can’t live without her?

Brenda's Review

What nice little read.It's clean,fun and takes you back in time.

Courtship ~ Has an old fashion ring to it.Back in the day it was the only was dating and marriages even happened.Your parents pretty much picked who you would marry.Scary thought now a days.

I loved the characters in short story.Charlotte is a free spirit and has a mind of her own.She is a strong woman and is in favor of womens rights.When she meets George for the first time,it's quite comical.Brass little lady she is.But stole his heart from the start.

I loved this story.It's short,fast paced and fun.You get that feeling of connection with the characters even though it's a short story.Nicely done.

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5

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