Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gorgeous Consort by E.L.Todd

Gorgeous Consort by E.L.Todd

Book Description

Standalone. No cliffhanger. HEA. Other books in the series can be read in any order.

Being an escort comes with predetermined rules that can never be broken.

No kissing, no feelings, and definitely, absolutely, no sex.

But what will Troy do when Harper, a beautiful blonde, walks into his life. Still suffering over the lost of his long-time girlfriend, Troy is trying to move on and find his place in life. He still doesn't understand why the relationship ended or why she cheated. As a result, love is off the table.

When Harper hypnotizes him with her beauty, sass, and remarkable intelligence, what will he do? Will be able to keep his promise to himself?

Or will he break every rule?

Brenda's Review

Ahhh, This one has so much emotion to it! It made me happy,made me sad,made me mad and made me cry.Love it when an author can bring out so many emotions in me!This is just so perfect,I didn't want it to end.

Troy has some trouble getting over his long time girlfriend.She just up and dumped him.Right when he was ready to ask her to marry him.Heart broken and torn apart Troy portray's as a womanizer.Truth is,he hasn't got it in him anymore to date another woman....Ever.

Until in walks Harper.She is not anything like he ever expected.She the best friend material he has been looking for.Only staying best friends is getting harder.

Harper is not without troubles either.Her family is always proud of her little sister,the perfect girl.She gets the men,the job,married and a baby on the way...Leaving Harper as a second fiddle.Her family seems to think Harper needs to be married and get a better job.Even though she owns her business and is happy.

Harper asks Troy to play as her boyfriend to prove to her family that she's not a loser. Besides,she needs a date for her sisters wedding.Troy is all to happy play along....But is it really just playing?

I loved this book! The characters are awesome and the story line is flawless.Great pace and keeps you interested all the way through the story.Loved it!!

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5

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