Friday, June 19, 2015

Love Heals the Heart by Diane Rose Duffy

Loves Heals the Heart 

by Diane Rose Duffy

Book Description

Fate had repeatedly dealt Gracie and Dylan a losing hand at any chance for love. 

From the first embarrassing moment their paths crossed, a budding relationship between Gracie Watson, a first-grade teacher and Detective Dylan Sanders was met with one challenge after another. 

The path to discover what love could mean for Gracie and Dylan slowly begins to form as they learn to trust again. Along with this, Gracie's best friend Trish and Dylan's partner Justin are locked in their own battle of sorts, vehemently denying the sexual chemistry drawing them together. 

Dylan and Justin are the lead detectives investigating a major drug operation in the small town Gracie and Trish were raised, and it's soon apparent the barriers they must overcome are more than any of them had bargained for. 

Join Gracie, Dylan, Justin and Trish as loyalties, friendships and love are tested. A battle for ever-lasting love will be fought as hearts seek healing in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Brenda's Review

What more can you ask for out of a romantic story? How about some good old fashion humor,a good little mystery,some crazed ex and a brother so full of himself you want to smack him around a little. Yeah,this story is full of drama and love.I loved it!

Gracie meets up with Dylan,at first meet...things are a little awkward and funny.But as time moves forward they end up falling in love.A real love that has healed Dylan broken heart.Gracie has turned his heart of stone into a pile of mush.I loved watching their love come to life.It took a lot turns and didn't happen like you would expect,but never the less it happened.Don't you just love a happy ending?

Gracie's best friend Trish is just a riot! I loved her character.She witty,cocky,and can be mean as all get out when she has to.Her character was just perfect! I want a friend like her.Her only fault...She thinks she's in love with Gracie's brother.Until Justin,Dylan's partner and friend meets up with her.

Again,at first meeting...things were a mess. Trish's mouth and Justin hot temper are a toxic mix.But they realize the flame of that toxic mix,things get hot.They are a great match and I can't wait to hear their story!!! "I mean".... "This is going to epic"!! I am stoked to see how their story works out.

Over all... This is a great story! I am hooked on Diane's writing and can't wait for more of her work.I HIGHLY recommend this book and any or all of her books!! You won't be sorry!!

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5

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