Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sunset Nights by Sharon Kleve

Sunset Nights by Sharon Kleve

Book 2 of the Sunset Beach Series

Book Description

Fiona Paxton left Sunset Beach the day she graduated from high school and never looked back. Working as a fashion designer in Los Angeles California is all she ever wanted. 
Ten years later, Fiona wants more than money—she wants a caring man. Not one who worries more about how white his teeth are or if his spray tan needs a touch up, than he does about her. 

Trip Delacruz gave up the big city to settle down in Sunset Beach tending his bees and making honey. 

One look at Fiona and Trip is hooked. Her chestnut hair and blues eyes sparkle when she talks about the Sunset Beach Resort renovation. He would give anything if Fiona looked at him the way she does at the sunset every night.

Brenda's Review

This is a fast paced story.It's short so things need to happen quick.Loved the characters in this short story and the way the story flows.

Fiona couldn't wait to move away from her small hometown and into the big city life. Working in the fast paced city of Los Angeles as a fashion designer for ten years now,she suddenly realizes she misses home and family.
So she and her friends decide to take a little trip and go home for a reunion and visit family.

While home she runs into a guy she met back in Los Angeles.He's a bee keeper and moved to her hometown for some peace and quite.He wasn't into the fast paced,loud living.Things between them get hot really quick.And Fiona finds herself buying into a company with her friends and moving back to where she never wanted to be.

Like I said... It's fast,it fun,and it's a brilliant little story.

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5

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