Friday, July 17, 2015

Uncovering Love by Kacey Shea

Uncovering Love by Kacey Shea

Book Description

After a ridiculous idea devised among friends comes to existence, Evelyn finds herself part owner in a private investigation firm specializing in matters of the heart. Throughout wild antics with her best friends Jonathan and Kate, Evelyn conducts relationship background checks for a wide variety of clients. 

Soon it becomes clear that one case has moved beyond professional and Evelyn finds herself fighting an attraction she cannot resist.

Will Evelyn admit her feelings when she uncovers love in the most unexpected of places?

Brenda's Review

This was a cute and entertaining read that had me laughing out loud.These characters were funny and real.
I loved the banter between the friends,it made it more real.

Evie and Jon best friends go into the PI business together.Their first job is to check out a hot gym instructor at the local gym in town.Their job was to find out if he a good guy with a good background and marriage material.
The last thing Evie ever expected was to fall in love with him while getting to know him.Things quickly and easily get out of hand by the time she realizes she is in love with him.

This is a fast paced story.It's a fun story and over before you know it.But it will leave you smiling.

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5

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