About Us

Tich is a mother of five, four boys and only one girl, and was born and raised in Oklahoma. She enjoys reading good Christian fiction, an example would be Ted Dekker, Fantasy, Paranormal, and Romance.
Due to her busy work schedule as an author Tich reviews very few books.

A little about me:

My name is Brenda Romine. I'm married, retired, a mom, and a grandmother.

I love to read, review, blog, and cook when I have the time. I love to bake and create new things in the kitchen. I have a spoiled cat named "Buddy Dude" ~ He is the finickiest cat ever! I have to cook for him, cat food is beyond him!! And his food must be served on a plate, he will not put his face in a bowl. EVER!! He is a Lynx Point Siamese.

My genres of choice are...but not limited to:

Fantasy, Spiritual. Paranormal, Mystery, Romance, Contemporary, Young Adult, Non Fiction.

I love to read and am pretty open to reading just about anything. I do draw the line when I feel I have to.
I do have some morals.

Teresa is the mother of two fabulous boys. She was raised in Oklahoma but has since moved to Virginia. She enjoys Fantasy, Paranormal, and Romance.
Teresa is currently not accepting books for review.