Review Requests/Policy

Review Policy:

We provide honest reviews. We do not accept any form of compensation for our reviews. We do aim to provide positive reviews so if for some reason we couldn't finish the book or just didn't like it then we email the author to let them know.  We do not ever post a negative review.

To see a list of what we like, please check out our About Us section.

To Request a Review:

- Send an email to us at with the title, blurb, and a goodreads link.

- If this is something that we'd like to read then we will reply back to let you know which of us will be reviewing your book and then we'll give you the email address to the one reviewing.

- We are very busy so give us some time to reply to your email.

- Depending on who is reviewing and how many books they have ahead of yours it may take some time before the review is posted.